RV Upgrades, Plumbing Leak Repair & Best Buy GoPro Insurance

RV Upgrades, Plumbing Leak Repair & Best Buy GoPro Insurance
Our RV living full time on the road adventure takes a turn towards RV upgrades and plumbing leak fixing. It seems like all RVers experience some sort of plumbing leak and in today’s video Brian, better known as AdventureVanMan helps us do some plumbing leak chasing in the GMC motorhome.

Brian was tons of help even though we were not able to find a second mystery leak. As it was time to mount a new TV for pretty lady Carolina. Brian, with a little bit of help from me, installed an under cabinet TV mount that we mounted a new Sanyo 24″ flat screen TV to. Now Carolina has her TV back to enjoy while I am editing videos.

In edition to the RV plumbing leak repair and GMC motorhome upgrades, Brian and I took a ride over to Elizabeth town to make use of Best Buys insurance coverage on Carolina’s GoPro camera. It turned out well as we got a brand new Hero 4 Silver Edition to replace the lady’s defunct GoPro.

As a thank you for all of Brian’s help I cooked him a hot meal doing a little RV cooking in the GMC motorhome. With that this description of today’s RV living on the road full time in a GMC motorhome video is all wrapped up.

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