Vineyard Fishing Road Trip 2, Stripers and Albie from the Kayak

Vineyard Fishing Road Trip 2, Stripers and Albie from the Kayak
Part 2 of my journey north with romo

We leave the Bass Flat after seeing quite a few uninterested fish, generally they were quick to spook and eventually disappeared altogether, so we left and bought some eels and launched somewhere else and found large number of small stripers feeding recklessly on spearing. We played with the schoolies until dark and then drifted eels for about an hour with no bites so went back to some shallow areas with artificials, first I tried an sp minnow, then a mag darter, than a popper, and nothing got bit. Went with the old trusty weightless zoom fluke on the size 6 hook and got 3 bites, landing 2 borderline keeper fish. We heard so many pops this night from feeding bass it was ridiculous, sometimes 5-10 fish at a time would storm through the shallows and destroy a school of spearing, meanwhile they were extremely tough to catch. The fish were popping everywhere nonstop, mostly small, but anytime I heard a better pop I would go fish that area with the zoom fluke, fish it painfully slow, and hook a few fish.

We fished til 11pm or so and then called it quits, slept in the truck and got out early on the albie grounds and again found very tough albie fishing. They were popping 1 or 2 at a time all morning, but it wasnt until hours later that some larger schools pushed through and I was able to get one small fish on the epoxy. Shortly after, romo broke his kayak.

Kayak: Hobie Revo 13
Rod: Pompano Bay 7′ custom (
Reel: Shimano Sustain 4000fe



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