Terraria Fishing Glitch | 7 Expert Duke Fishrons AT THE SAME TIME! | 1.3 glitch

Terraria Fishing Glitch | 7 Expert Duke Fishrons AT THE SAME TIME! | 1.3 glitch
Terraria fishing glitch! This video shows how to do the fishing glitch for the Terraria update. This glitch is easy to perform, simply make sure auto-pause is on, right click an item in your inventory and right click the item outside of your inventory! When you close your inventory you will cast extra lines at the position of your mouse cursor!
Today, we’re going to use this glitch to fight 7 EXPERT DUKE FISHRONS at the same time!

β˜…Glitch Forum Postβ˜… http://tinyurl.com/z4cwcfm
β˜…No Armor Fishronβ˜… http://tinyurl.com/ju6aswm

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πŸͺ Thumbnail & outro created by: @Matt_Zer0_YT
πŸͺ Helena portrait by: tkdcory / http://tkdcory.deviantart.com/

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