Splash DRONE FISHING | Flite Test

Splash DRONE FISHING | Flite Test
Can you catch fish with a waterproof drone? If we can do it, anyone can.
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If the idea of flying your expensive drone over a body of water gives you nightmares, that’s a normal reaction. Most people would want to keep their investment out of harm’s way, but how in the world are you going to get those stunning shots of the splashing waves?

Enter Splash Drone 3—the “fully waterproof drone that floats.” Yes, you read that right!

The most recent model made by Swell Pro has a myriad of features that are sure to make an aerial photographer/cinematographer happy, not to mention the avid fisherman.

What we liked:
Substantial weight/good size—Flies great for its size.
GPS locks in well.
Has horizon correction in the scroll wheel.
Industrial strength gimbals.
Redesigned flight controller, power systems, added remote.
Camera records up to 4K.
A second attachment is available for fishing—payload release mechanism and camera.

Additional thoughts:
Sacrifice a little flight time and maneuverability because it is a bigger quad.
You get an analog signal on remote screen, not HD downlink.

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