Reel Falls Apart While Fighting Gator Bluefish + Fishing

Reel Falls Apart While Fighting Gator Bluefish + Fishing
Reel snaps at 4:30. It is a penn squall 12. For the record, I still love penn squalls, I just neglect my gear and that reel is 4 years old or so… I have faith this was a freak occurance and will continue using penns products.

This will be the lamest video I upload for awhile, hopefully from here on out my content is more interesting, amazing and creative but for now I am very busy and don’t have time to throw together anything too crazy, stay tuned as there are some quality fishing vids coming in the near future….

This was last week sometime, fishing with Elias ( in Central Jersey hoping to catch big Bass but instead found mostly all Bluefish. They were picky about what they would hit but eventually came around and started destroying anything you threw in their path as bluefish are known for, which will be in the next video.

Anyways, thanks as always for watching, time is of the essence, hopefully will have a slightly more epic video up tomorrow.

Kayak: hobie revo 13
Rod: Pompano Bay Custom 7′

Check back for more.

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