PUDDLE FISHING in Saltwater and EATING my Catch!!!

PUDDLE FISHING in Saltwater and EATING my Catch!!!
https://www.fishermanslife.net/ Massive Low Tides during the
https://www.fishermanslife.net/ week of this video caused
https://www.fishermanslife.net/ some nice saltwater puddles
and pools to form! Perfect conditions to try and catch some stranded rockfish or monkeyfaced prickleback eels! I also come across some sea urchin and show you how to open them up so you can give them a try next time you see some. Ended up catching and cooking the catch from the pools! Any of the items that I used in the video are listed below! and don’t forget to get a T-Shirt or Hoodie from my website for Christmas before they sell out!!

ChyRose Custom Knife: https://www.chyrosecustomknives.com

BackPacking Grill: http://www.bisongears.com

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IG: @shrimppimp23

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