Futuristic Digital Reel VS. Old Vintage Reel — Fishing CHALLENGE

Futuristic Digital Reel VS. Old Vintage Reel — Fishing CHALLENGE
The ultimate fishing reel show down!! How big of a difference is it to fish with a 30+ year old fishing and put it to the test against to an alien tech fishing reel? Chris and I decided to hit up a local 200 acre lake after our smallmouth creek mission to put these two reels to the test and see how they compare in the form of a challenge. The stakes were high in the 1v1 reel battle..whoever caught the least amount of fish after 3 hours had to guzzle down a live minnow from a nearby bait store. Hope you guys enjoyed this vid, let me know what challenge you want to see next! Keep fishing homies.
–Young Plugg

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Daiwa Procaster Magforce

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Shimano Antares DC HG — http://amzn.to/2kl4t2y

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