Fishing an Epic River for BIG Trout: DAY 1

Fishing an Epic River for BIG Trout: DAY 1
This is no doubt one of my favorite trips from 2017, this is from last week, fishing the Niagara River. I got a text from Brennan asking if I wanted to go that night to the Niagara for an undetermined amount of time. I said absolutely.. so we left around 11pm, arrived in Lewiston NY pre dawn only to find not a single suitable tackle shop in the area, we fished all day with the gear we had, my plan was to jig small plastics as the binsky brothers do on the jersey farm reservoirs, well that worked pretty well. The place was beautiful, it was fast flowing deep and green, and the fish that live in the river had every will to live, a challenge to hook and land, feeding on actual baitfish. Much different than the tributary steelheading I did weeks prior at the salmon river. This is part 1 of 4 or 5 vids from the niagara and some smaller tribs, as the days go on the fishing got more interesting, finding bigger fish, new spots and new species… stay tuned.

Rod/Reel: 8’6 shimano clarus paired with

a shimano saros 2500

spooled with 10lb seagaur

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