Crappie Fishing with a Deeper Smart Fishfinder at Little Seneca Lake in MD 1/14/16

Crappie Fishing with a Deeper Smart Fishfinder at Little Seneca Lake in MD 1/14/16
Big fish of the day at 7:00
Thermocline (metalimnion) – is a thin but distinct layer in a large body of water in which temperature changes more rapidly with depth than it does in the layers above or below. In this video I demonstrate how the temperature of the water at the surface (epilimnion) was significantly colder than the temperature of the water at the bottom (hypolimnion). The reason why this happens is because water is one of the rare substances that floats when in its solid form (ice). So, as the water reaches a freezing point, it becomes less dense as it starts to form a crystalline structure and actually rises to the surface, while the warmer water remains at the bottom. However, during the summer, the colder water is found at the bottom while the warmer water is found at the surface. As you’re probably aware, hot air rises and cold air sinks, the same can be applied to water when in a completely liquid state. During the spring and fall, “turnovers” occur where the layers in the water become uniform in temperature for a period of time.

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Lures Used: Rapala Coundown (1/4 ounce, silver), Damiki Vault (1/4 ounce, black holo)
Rod/Reel/Line used: Shimano JDM Aldebaran BFS XG Limited (8:0:1 – 10 lb suffix 832 braid, 12 lb seaguar tatsu leader) with a BPS Bionic Blade micro 6’6″ med/fast
Team Daiwa Tierra 2000 (10 lb suffix 832 braid – 6 lb stren original monofilament leader) with a G loomis SRJ 782 6’6″ med/fast

Location: Little Seneca Lake – Boyds, Maryland
Date: January 14th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Fishing small minnow imitation baits in 15-25 feet of water
Time Fished: 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
Air Temp: High of 43 degrees, low of 37 degrees
Water Temp: 44 degrees (bottom) – 37 degrees (surface)
Water Clarity: 36 inches
Conditions: Clear sunny skies with winds from the SSW up to 7 mph
Hatcam used: Gopro hero 4 silver (1080p, 60 FPS, medium FOV) – chesty + external audio
Fishfinder used: Deeper Smart Fishfinder

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