Catching a NICE Musky While Bank Fishing at Marsh Creek

Catching a NICE Musky While Bank Fishing at Marsh Creek
As I begin to type this description, it is 25 degrees outside, and there is a noreaster said to bring a foot of snow to my area in a few days… Not a big fan of the return of winter… BUT

I got out for a short session earlier in the week to try my luck at the musky, I had lost one the week before and since then its all I could think about.. I waded the shores of Marsh Creek, throwing an Xrap 10 on my light spinning outfit and got a very subtle bite which ended up being a fat, beautiful 40″ Purebred Musky, as you can see the fish really didn’t fight much at all due to what I assume was the still very cold water, I also really wanted to catch that fish so I got him on shore as fast as I possibly could, I am 99% sure it is the same fish I lost the week prior, it was in the same spot and was the same size/color… I didn’t bring the fish on shore because there is a good chance he would thrash around and hurt himself, these muskies are delicate and really need to be handled as carefully as possible. This was the first time in my life I set out to catch muskies, and caught one while casting/retrieving… the only other time I have caught one while targeting, I was trolling in my kayak.. I have caught a few other muskies but never while targeting them, always as bycatch, and to say it felt good to catch one would be an understatement. This year I plan on giving these fish more of a chance, in years past I have tried to catch them but always failed miserably, but yea… until next time.. Thanks for Watching! Always remember to handle the muskies with care, revive and release!

Rod: Shimano Crucal 7’2
Reel: Shimano Saros 2500
Line: 10lb braid.. sufix832
Leader: 40lb Seaguar

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