Monster Fishing on Shallow Florida Wrecks

Monster Fishing on Shallow Florida Wrecks
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Josh and Dr. Robert Borrego headed offshore to a shallow water wreck on the east coast of Florida. Josh started off playing with a large congregation of monster bull sharks. Several cobia came up with the sharks. Josh hooked one of the cobia and fought it for several minutes. The cobia was being chased by a bull shark. Josh tightened the drag and palmed the spool, breaking off the cobia. Shortly after the goliath groupers showed up. Josh tossed a bait in the water and hooked up to the first goliath grouper. The fish fought very hard! After a struggle, the 200lb+ goliath grouper was boat side. The hook was removed and the grouper was quickly released. Josh started playing with the groupers and a monster goliath attacked the bonito on the rope (probably over 500lbs)! Josh and Borrego dropped a huge piece of amberjack in the water and hooked up to another monster goliath grouper. This fish pulled some serious drag! Josh managed to get the goliath to the boat. The fish was quickly released.

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Marshawn Lynch’s Local Plumbing Ad – CONAN on TBS

Marshawn Lynch’s Local Plumbing Ad – CONAN on TBS
Forget signing a multimillion deal with Nike, Marshawn is keeping it real for the people of Seattle.

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How to Avoid Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

How to Avoid Rookie Plumbing Mistakes
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This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey demonstrates some common plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them. (See below for tools and steps.)

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Tools List for Avoiding Rookie Plumbing Mistakes:
– Strap wrench, for gripping fixtures without marring the finish
– Pipe wrench, which provides superior leverage for turning pipes and fittings

Steps for Avoiding Rookie Plumbing Mistakes:
1. To prevent pliers and wrenches from scratching the finish on plumbing fixtures, use a strap wrench.
2. Wrap the flexible strap around the fixture, securely lock the strap in place, then slowly pull on the handle to turn the fixture.
3. To prevent a pipe wrench from deforming a pipe, be sure the wrench contacts the pipe in three places: at the top jaw, at the bottom jaw, and at the back of the wrench.
4. When fastening plumbing fittings, such as radiant-floor heat plates, to the underside of a subfloor, be sure the screws or nails aren’t too long or they’ll poke through the surface of the finished floor above.

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How A Plumbing System Works

How A Plumbing System Works
Plumbing 101: The basics of how a plumbing system works. Includes description of domestic pressurized system and DWV (drain-waste-vent) system. Video lists popular products used and explains in detail how venting works.

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Plumbing Diagrams – Building Systems

Plumbing Diagrams – Building Systems
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In this video from our Building Systems Exam prep course, Mike Newman discusses diagrams for the plumbing systems of a building and what concepts you should know for the Building Systems Exam, such as:
-Waste Piping
-Vent Piping
Mike will go over each of these concepts and offer his unique insight into not only the thought process behind the concept, but what you need to understand about these concepts when taking the exam.

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Rookie Renovators – Plumbing 101

Rookie Renovators – Plumbing 101
Learn about how the plumbing system in your home works, what kinds of pipes you may have in your home and how to safely make basic plumbing repairs.

This is the first third of Home Repair Services’ Rookie Renovators plumbing class. Visit for a list of upcoming free home repair classes for residents in Kent County, Michigan.

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